bank account mockup

Connect your child’s bank account.

We have created the first open banking solution for children that lets parents connect their child’s bank account directly to the Gimi app. Create the ultimate combination for your child’s financial education using Gimi together with your child’s bank account.

allowance mockup

Set up allowance.

Now parents can use Gimi to schedule their kids pocket money! Keep track of how much your child has earned and help them set money aside for the future.

chores mockup

Hand out chores.

Chores empower children to boost their allowance and experience what it means to earn their own money. In the Gimi-app it is easy to assign and approve chores.

goals mockup

Reach savings goals.

One of the main pillars to future financial well-being is understanding how to save. Gimi helps children build the understanding of what it means to save by creating their own savings goal and following their progress on an interactive goal map.

dual function mockup

Financial education reinvented – The Superskills Adventure.

The secret to financial education lies in combining knowledge with learning-by-doing and skill practice. The Superskills Adventure teaches children important concepts and know-how in a fun and engaging way while exploring the universe of personal finance. Travel between planets in space and discover a different financial topic on each destination.

Piggy – your financial advisor.

Piggy is the children’s in-app advisor, supporting them in feeling empowered and independent. Kids can ask questions to Piggy and learn more about finances in an interactive way. Piggy also leads children through the app and helps them to easily navigate the different features.

Evaluate purchases and learn from mistakes.

Each financial decision is an opportunity to grow. In Gimi, children can evaluate their purchases as successes or regrets.

Encourage savings with a bonus.

Just like in real life, your child’s money can grow and accumulate. You choose the bonus rate and your child can see their money grow.

Gimi AB is a registered payment service provider for account information services with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and is under its supervision.