Addressing the financial literacy crisis.

PISA tests show that 22% of 15 year olds score below the baseline of financial literacy, and OECD points out that young adults have among the lowest levels of financial literacy. Schools fall short in teaching personal finance as no European country has implemented financial education as a subject.

Meanwhile, children are missing out on learning opportunities with mobile banks being seldomly child-adapted. This often results in children not interacting with their own money, leaving them financially excluded in today’s cashless economy. 

“All around the world, children are taught about faraway planets or historic Kings and Queens, but they know little about how to budget or understand their finances.” 

– Philip Haglund, CEO at Gimi

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The award-winning app teaching children smart money habits.

The Gimi app is a unique tool for children to gain financial understanding. With Gimi, children learn-by-doing and engage with money under parent’s supervision while getting access to financial education adapted to their needs – all in one fun and safe place.

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Your partner in financial education.

Find out how Gimi provides partnership opportunities for banks and companies utilizing white-labeling and open banking technologies as well as educational packages.

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Research-based e-learning platform.

Practicing financial skills is essential, but so is learning financial basics – Gimi has created a holistic learning cycle that enables both. Based on research, we offer a unique combination of learning, real-life practice and gamification that teaches children about earning, saving and spending money. Gimi makes financial literacy fun and accessible to everyone.

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