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5 Tips for restless children

May 18, 2020

When leisure time activities, cinemas and playgrounds are not an option for entertaining the family, it is highly likely that kids will start to climb on the walls at home.

Gimi has put together a helpful list of five activities which children can entertain themselves with (and at the same time make life so much easier for you as a parent). It’s a win-win!

By giving your children one activity per day to focus on you’ll see that the computers, TV and mobile phones get put to one side for a little while. An added bonus will be seeing your children becoming more passionate about taking one step closer towards approaching their goals and big saving dreams!

  1. Washing the outdoor furniture - SEK 15
    Spring has officially arrived in many parts of Sweden over the weekend and it won't be long until the barbecues and fika in the sunshine are standard! Washing and scrubbing the outdoor furniture can therefore be a perfect task for the children over the coming weeks. Turn on some good music and provide them with juice and you will soon have shiny furniture in the patio!
  2. Cleaning the pantry - SEK 10
    Broken spaghetti pieces, some dusty flour and a whole pile of sunflower seeds. Yes, everyone can recognise this scenario with how the kitchen drawers and larder shelving should usually look like. Letting the kids approach a spring clean by taking everything out, clean and tidy up the cabinets not only makes it look nice and fresh, isn’t just a help but it may also give the children a greater interest in food, unusual ingredients and new types of dishes. It could be a fun task to let them write suggestions for the meals of the week at the same time, based on what they found in the larder!
  3. Create photo albums - SEK 15
    Many of us have often thought that we should make a photo album from the holiday but felt that there was no time left in the day to start the project. Today, when there are so many smart apps and websites to facilitate this process, it is a perfect task for the kids to get started with! Give them the iPad containing pictures from Christmas, sports holidays and other occasions and let them choose which photos they think represent the memories and create the album. When they have chosen the pictures and written small associated texts, you just need to send it in, with a very nice surprise in the post a week later! Seeing what your children experienced as the best moments of the holiday will probably feel a lot more worthwhile than the SEK 15 you gave them.
  4. Pack the winter wardrobe - SEK 10
    The fact that the hall is overloaded by thick down jackets, warm thermal pants and big boots is probably an everyday issue for most of us experiencing Swedish seasons. Therefore it is a perfect task to let the children empty the pockets on all winter clothes and wash the shoes clean from dried mud. Then they can fold everything nicely and put it in bags and boxes and carry them to the storage room. Hopefully the warm spring days are here to stay!
  5. Painting Easter cards - 2 kr
    Most of us are probably guilty every now and then of not calling our relatives and friends quite as often as we want to. So providing your children with paper, pens, scissors, glue and other craft materials will let them create nice Easter cards to send out to loved ones. Then it is just for you to write a short little greeting to Aunt Berit and put it on the postbox. For SEK 2 per card, the children can get over a lot of Easter holiday money and at the same time you get the chance to show your loved ones that you care for them. Much cheaper than the cards you buy in stores and almost guarantee that the family will be much more happy for a hand-painted Easter card than a mass-produced one.

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