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Financial Superskills for children and young people

Pocket money made easy

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Gimi is a smart tool for the entire family. Children learn money management skills in a fun and practical way. Parents support and track everything in their own app. Developed together with psychologists, financial experts and educators, Gimi prepares the next generation for all of life’s financial challenges!

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Mad dashes to the ATM are a thing of the past. Now parents can use Gimi to schedule pocket money! Keep track of how much your child has earned and help them set money aside for the future.

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Chores are a simple way to teach children the value of money. Earning extra money motivates them to put money aside for their goal. Simply send chores in the app, receive picture proof, approve or reject.

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Invite the family

When more family members use Gimi, it’s easier to discuss money at the dinner table. Everyone can send Christmas or birthday money, or set up extra chores. Connect your apps and start learning about money together!

Learning for a richer life

Individual and global financial wealth starts with a good financial education. Based on scientific research, Gimi is designed to give children knowledge and the ability to make informed decisions throughout their whole lives.

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Proven teaching methods

Gimi was developed with the help of experts in child and youth psychology, personal finance and education, to help the next generation navigate all the financial challenges they will face during their lives.

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Smarter pocket money

Forget about ATMs, use the app to keep track of your children’s money.

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Motivational chores

Schedule chores, let children suggest their own and approve in your app.

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Value of money

Show your children the value of putting money aside for the future.

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Upgrade to Master

When it’s time for real money, upgrade to Gimi Master for a free Gimi Card!

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