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Financial Superskills for children and young people

Teaching children about money

The Financial Literacy Challenge

Children are the future! Yet this generation is at serious risk of financial illiteracy. They are born to inherit an increasingly complex financial system, poised to repeat our mistakes. Individual and global financial well-being is founded upon good financial education.

Based on scientific research, Gimi is designed to give children the knowledge and skills they need to make thoughtful, well informed financial decisions throughout their lives.

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A combination of proven learning methods

Backed by scientific research, the Gimi platform is based on theories of experiential & social learning, and features four fundamental principles to provide children with fun, efficient and effortless learning opportunities.

Financial education with Gimi is:

  • Hands-on
  • Social
  • Meaningful
  • Continuous

We continuously provide children with meaningful hands-on and social learning opportunities

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Gimi Research Center

Since 2017, Gimi has been conducting research to promote children's financial literacy, both through independent projects and collaborations with leading experts. We are currently working with researchers from Babson College, the Stockholm School of Economics and Dartmouth College, and are constantly seeking new potential collaborations.

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Gimi Content Logo Image
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Are you ready for smarter pocket money?