What information do you gather?


  • Email-address: Registration, Customer support, Messages
  • Phone number: Registration, Customer support, Messages
  • Date of birth: Registration, Card application, Customisation of features
  • Age: Registration, Customisation of features
  • Country of domicile: Card application, Customisation of features
  • City: Evaluation and development of the application
  • Photo: Profile picture function, image features, authentication of identity
  • IP-adress: Temporary troubleshooting
  • Device ID: Management of user account
  • User-ID: Management of user account
  • Username: Username feature in the application
  • Marketing-identificator: Marketing purposes

Gimi Master

  • Name: Card application, Access to account at Prepaid Financial Services
  • Address: Card application, Access to account at Prepaid Financial Services
  • Postal code: Card application, Access to account at Prepaid Financial Services
  • Personal number: Card application, Identity authentication
  • Copy of passport/Copy of ID/Copy of visa: Identity authentication
  • Account information: Identity authentication
  • Payment card details: Payments and topups

How is my personal data used?

Gimi uses your personal data to improve the user experience and enable the services provided. This means that Gimi uses the data to:

  • Tailor, measure and improve our services.
  • Contact you for verification and information regarding the service.
  • Send messages via the app.
  • Enable you to use and share your personal data when using third party applications.
  • Enable Gimi name search for users who have activated this functionality.

When do you share personal data?

Gimi shares your data with third parties who work together with Gimi to enable services such as Gimi premium. This is done when Gimi uses third party applications to, for example, send emails, text messages or push notifications related to the service.

How long is my personal data stored?

We store your personal data until you delete your user account or request your personal data to be deleted. In exceptional cases, Gimi may be required to store data to protect Gimi’s interests, for legal reasons or as part of a legal dispute.

If a child creates an account and this is not linked to a parent within 7 days, the account and any associated data will be deleted. This allows us to offer quick and easy registration.

How are cookies used?

Gimi uses cookies on Gimi-related webpages. Information stored in the cookies is used to measure traffic and improve the user experience of the website. Third party cookies is also used to measure traffic and improve the website.

Gimi AB is a registered payment service provider for account information services with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and is under its supervision.

The Gimi Prepaid Mastercard is issued by PFS Card Services (Ireland) Limited pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. PFS Card Services (Ireland) Limited, trading as PCSIL, is authorised and regulated as an issuer of electronic money by the Central Bank of Ireland under registration number C175999. Registered office: Front Office, Scurlockstown Business Park, Trim, Co. Meath, C15 K2R9. Company Registration Number: 590062.