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Gimi Master & The Gimi Card


What is Gimi Master?

Gimi Master is a paid subscription that upgrades the Gimi app for children who are ready to handle their own money. Gimi Master includes a prepaid Mastercard that children use to spend real money and a separate account for the money the want to put aside.

About the Gimi Card

The Gimi Card is a prepaid Mastercard issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How does the Gimi Card work?

The Gimi Card is connected to the Gimi app. It allows children to spend their own money and teaches them financial literacy. The card works online, but parents have the option to block online shopping. Supporters also get full insight into spending behaviour, and notifications about card activity.

Is my child ready for a card?

Parents decide when their children are ready for a card, there is no universal age. But we recommend it from ages 10+. Still not sure? We have a card test for children, find it in your app under Settings or on our website.


Where can children use the Gimi Card?

The Gimi Card can be used online and in stores. The card does not work in ATMs or at blocked merchants that are not appropriate for children.

How do top-ups work?

Supporters top-up the card by adding their own card to the Gimi app. Go to: 1. Settings 2. Payment method 3. Add a card!

How is money transferred between the card and account?

Only children can transfer money between the card and their Gimi account.

Can I get my money back?

Gimi does not support refunds for money that's been transferred to the Gimi Card or the account.

The Gimi Card & Scooter Apps

Most electric scooter apps don't accept prepaid cards like the Gimi Card. Start by checking their policy regarding age limits and accepted cards. If they do accept prepaid cards, contact us!


How much does the Gimi Card cost?

The card is included in the Gimi Master subscription. Supporters pay a subscription fee to upgrade to Gimi Master. The price varies depending on whether you pay monthly, yearly or for a lifetime. Find an updated price list for subscriptions under Settings.


How do I order the Gimi Card?

Supporters must first buy a Gimi Master subscription. Go to:

1. Settings

2. Subscriptions

3. Pick a child that you want to upgrade to Master.

4. Tap 'Get Gimi Master' and follow the instructions.

Who can order the Gimi Card?

Only supporters can order the Gimi Card, it's currently only available in Sweden. You need a Swedish personal number, phone number and an address.

Activate the card

How is the Gimi Card activated?

Children can activate the card as soon as it's issued. Go to the new card account and press "Activate"! The plastic card will arrive in the mail within 14 days.

When will the plastic Gimi Card arrive?

The plastic Gimi Card will arrive within 14 days from the date of order.

Blocking & unblocking

How do I block the Gimi Card?

Go to: 1. Card 2. Card settings 3. Turn off "Card is active"

The Gimi Card was lost!

If your child thinks they lost it, block the card. If you find it, you can unblock it again! If you can't find it, keep it blocked and contact us for a replacement!

The Gimi Card was stolen!

Block the Gimi Card immediately! Go to: 1. Card 2. Card settings 3. Turn off "Card is active"

Contact us at [email protected] to for a replacement.

How do I unblock a Gimi Card?

If the Gimi Card has been blocked by a supporter, the supporter that blocked it is the only one who can unblock it. If you are the supporter that blocked it, go to:

1. Card 2. Card Settings 3. Turn on "Card is active".

App passcode

Why do I need an app passcode?

Using Gimi Master means managing real money in the app. We added a passcode for extra security to make sure your money is safe with Gimi.

How do I change my passcode?

Go to: 1. Settings 2. App Settings 3. Follow the instructions.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to: 1. Settings 2. Subscriptions 3. Follow the instructions.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you end your Gimi Master subscripition, the card and the account will be closed. Gimi will revert back to the free Beginner version.

What happens with the money if I cancel?

If you have any funds left on the card or account after you cancel, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can transfer the money back to your bank account.

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