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The Performers.
Edith Wilmot Eardley Eggett
Studio and Gallery in Silverton, Colorado
    Edith began painting as a young child in Queensland Australia and has always looked to the wonders of the natural and spiritual world for her images.
    The rich experience of growing up in Australia then living and painting in Hawaii, Canada, Europe and Colorado has given her a rich exposure to naturals impressionism and her footsteps a path to follow in her own artistic evolution.
    Truly gifted, she expresses her inner feelings, spiritual essence and imagination while transforming a canvas into an incredible work of art. Each painting is filled with the subjects, lifeforce, feeling and strength.
The Performers.     Edith paints throughout the year as inspiration flows. She creates between 88 to 100 paintings for herself and her collectors.
    Edith lives and works in Colorado. Her work is distributed throughout Australia and North America.
Studio and Gallery in Silverton, Colorado
1142 Greene St.
Box 67
Silverton, Colorado 81433
Edith Wilmot Eardley Eggett
Fax: 970-387-0148

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